EML-3510 NT New combination metal working system

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With the new EML-3510 NT, Amada has developed a completely new generation of combined punch/laser machines. This Amada highlight of the forthcoming EuroBLECH does not just combine two manufacturing technologies in a single machine ñ the EML-3510 also offers all the technological sheet metal working capabilities that are currently conceivable using punching and laser cutting. This consequently gives machine tool users a punch/laser combination system that offers optimum flexibility.



For sheet metal workers, it is essential to identify the most economic manufacturing method. Amada caters for this need by offering a wide range of solutions. It is often an advantage to combine two sheet metal working technologies in a single machine in order to reduce logistical requirements. For example, there are a large number of parts that can only be efficiently produced on a punch/laser machine combination.

The EM-3510 NT's             
servoelectric drive
makes the EML-3510 NT
a high-performance
punch press.

For the sheet metal working industry, this combination represents the greatest possible level of flexibility. Whenever punching is faster than laser cutting, punching tools are used and forming operations can be performed. However, when free contours are required, the laser is the better machine. What is more, laser cutting makes the use of special tools almost totally redundant.

High-performance punching

With the EML-3510 NT, Amada is launching a flexible all-round machine on the market that is characterized by its compact structure and small space requirement. Amada's extensive experience of the two technologies ensures that punching and laser cutting interact perfectly. The new machine concept is also the 4 embodiment of high quality and reliability. The combination system is also an economic solution to exacting manufacturing tasks. Thus the EML3510 NT is particularly well suited for parts with complex geometries or that require a large number of punching or shaping operations. While only the laser is able to cut free contours, the high-performance punch is characterised by punch tools with a maximum diameter of 114.3 millimetres. This increases the range of potential manufactured parts by allowing users to switch freely between punching and laser cutting depending on the specific task in hand. One particular highlight: The EML-3510 NT is based on the low-maintenance, almost wear-free servo electric drive employed in the EM-3510 NT which offers 30 tons of punching force. Overall, this new Amada system provides greater forming flexibility. Thus the Punch & Forming option permits special bends while a further operation makes it possible to form threads between M2 and M6 in size.

Semi-flying optics

The EML-3510 NT possesses a unique design. All the disadvantages of conventional punch/laser combinations with stationary optics are eliminated in the EML-3510 NT. Thus the laser, which travels along the Y axis, achieves considerably greater dynamism and flexibility. For the first time, the vital final stroke that is required before automatic parts removal can now be replaced by a final laser separating cut. Thanks to the integration of the proven ALPHA laser principle, faster and more reliable parts removal is guaranteed at all times. The combination of a high-speed laser and highperformance punch results in significantly enhanced productivity. During punching, the cutting optics are protected against vibrations in a parked position. This permits extended maintenance intervals coupled with low maintenance costs. Other performance features of the EML-3510 NT are: reduced nonproductive times, an intelligent multimedia controller offering ease of operation and the brush table that lifts automatically and helps reduce scratching.

A high level of automation.

The EML-3510 NT's high level of automation provides a number of ways of removing finished work pieces securely and reliably. This allows operators to react flexibly to differing parts sizes and geometries. One possibility for small and medium dimensions takes the form of the work chute which is large at 440 x 1,270 millimetres. One component of this automation solution consists of the capability of removing finished parts via the suction heads of the individual part sorting mechanism. Optionally, Amada also offers an automatically driven brush table. In this most fully-featured machine -1 -1 version, the combination system not only acts as a punching and laser machine but also offers angular shearing functionality. In this way, the corresponding parts can be cut and then removed via the driven brush table. Depending on the parts removal mode used, parts can be stored as assemblies and then fed to another operating stage. This permits the rationalization of operating processes. Thanks to the multifunctional punch/laser, productivity can be increased.

Punching technology
Laser technology
The EML-3510 NT: a flexible,
all-round machine for the
perfect interaction of
punching and laser cutting.
EML-3510 NT
Punching force 300 kN
Combined working area 2.500 x 1.270 mm
Maximum number of strokes 1.000 min
Max number of strokes at 25.4mm pitch 500 min
Maximum tool diameter 114,3 mm
Number of tool stations 45

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AMNC Makes the Data Flow From the sheet through to the finished, folded part, Amada's innovative technology provides end-to-end solutions for the sheet metal working industry. One facet of this strategy is the AMNC multimedia network numeric controller with which Amada is now gradually equipping its entire range of machines. The company's primary aim is to simplify the operation of such varied technologies as punch press, laser and press brake systems through the use of a uniform user interface and touch-screen menu guidance. This will reduce both operating errors and training requirements. It will also increase the efficiency of machine operators who will, if necessary, be able to operate a number of different machines simultaneously. The consequent reduction in payroll costs helps boost manufacturing margins. Networking ñ a 21st century trend that has been pioneered by 5 INNOVATIVE All manufacturing data can be transferred to the machine rapidly from CAD/CAM workstations. Thanks to the network connection, programming no longer has to be performed at the machine itself. Amada in the field of mechanical engineering is implemented in the AMNC numeric controller. This network-compatible numeric controller makes it possible to perform machine programming tasks at a PC and then quickly transfer all the necessary manufacturing data to the machine. By cutting non-productive times and enabling longer machine operating periods, the innovative AMNC numeric controller is significantly boosting productivity in the sheet metal working industry. If the numeric controller is interfaced with the Amada AP 100 network software, the required drawing data only has to be created or imported once. As soon as this has been stored on the SDD server, it is available on the network. Various CAM modules are now able to access the drawings and generate the machine data. This data is then also available in the network and all connected machines can access the server data at any time

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