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CAM-TOOL v5.0.15

CAM-TOOL v5.0.15
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Hiện nay trên thế giới CAD-CAM có rất nhiều phần mềm với nhiều ưu điểm khác nhau. Trong số đó CAM-TOOL của hãng CG System đang nổi trội với độ gia công chính xác rất cao, thời gian tính toán nhanh, tool-path chất lượng tuyệt vời

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Hiện tại ở Việt Nam chủ yếu chỉ có các công ty khuôn mẫu của Nhật hay dùng do phí bản quyền rất cao thường gấp 3 lần các phần mềm thông thường. METALFORMING VIỆT NAM sẽ có bài giới thiệu với các bạn sau về tính năng nổi trội của phần mềm này.

Trong này viết này xin hướng dẫn các bạn cách cài đặt CAM-TOOL phiên bản v5.015 qua video dưới đây, hy vọng sẽ giúp ích cho các bạn và các doanh nghiệp đang muốn tiếp cận phần mềm này :

Release Guide
This document provides information about the "precautions", the
"known bugs", and the "fixed bugs" in the following products;
『CAM-TOOL Version5』
Please read this document before using these products.
Please see also: [Precaution for Use] in the online-help.
Precaution for use (Z-level Finishing) Page1
Precaution for use (Windows Vista®)
Precaution for use (HOLE module) Page2
Known Bugs (Z-level Rough cutting) Page4
Fixed Bugs Page5
Precaution for use (Z-level Finishing)
With the specification change of "Retract value" parameter in the calculation condition
sheet, "CalcStatus" field of "Z-level Finishing" whose calculation you executed by
enabling "Keep corner" in V3.4 or before will show "Normal [Changed]" when you open
a calculation process sheet that includes such a process at the first time in this
Precaution for use (Windows Vista®)
Please keep in mind the following notes when using CAM-TOOL under Windows
■Disable "Windows Aero" feature.
CAM-TOOL does not work properly with "Windows Aero".
See "Precaution for Use" in the online-help for details.
■Where to save data.
It is recommended NOT to save your data such as model files in the following
folders. This is because data is saved (redirected) in different locations per login
user with the virtualization feature.
-Program Files
-Program Data
Precaution for use (HOLE module)
The scheme of HOLE module is different from ordinary drilling systems so that the
safe and efficient drilling of holes at various height can be performed keeping
flexibility and versatility. In this paper, we will show you some restrictions.
■Optimization/Simulation: Hole type check
Since the bottom shape of a work is usually different from the real, the hole end
type, such as "it is not penetrating even if the hole type is through" or "it is
penetrating even if the hole type is blind", is not checked. Please compare with a
model shape by using the [Show CL] command.
Hole type is "through"
but it is not penetrating.
Hole type is "blind"
but it is penetrating
■Canned cycle: Compatible only with "Absolute"
The HOLE module is not compatible with "Relative" of "Output coordinates"
(incremental output) since the positioning method is not always the same
depending on the machine specification and the improper use will cause
dangerous case.
Select "Absolute" to output coordinates (absolute output) when using the HOLE
The difference with hole entity is not checked.
■Canned cycle: Subprogram unsupported
The HOLE module is premised on the difference of hole height and the rapid
traverse movement (G00) is automatically inserted between holes to avert
Accordingly, making subprogram only for hole coordinate value is not available
although it is common in the hole drilling.
■The difference of expected cutting time
The cutting time of canned cycle is calculated by the distance from R point to Z
point and the feed rate. Since the real movement of canned cycle is not taken
into consideration to acquire the cutting time, please use it only as a guide.
The "cutting time" of G01 Drilling and Chamfering (Round) shown in the
machining process list is calculated by the same method as canned cycle.
* The cutting time described in the machining data file is estimated in
consideration of the movement of G01 Drilling and Chamfering (Round).
Known Bugs (Z-level Rough cutting)
Bug details
In Z-level Rough Cutting, if both "Z remain" and "Not cut concave" are selected,
Z-direction approach path into remaining area is generated.
Occurrence condition
This bug is likely to occur under the following conditions.
■In Z-level Rough Cutting, "Not cut concave" is selected for "Concave processing",
and "Z remain" is selected for "Extra path for flats".
■A core shape exists inside the cavity shape to be machined, or a flat groove is
connected to the cavity shape.
Please avoid using "Z remain" when you use "Not cut concave" in Z-level Rough
Cutting. We recommend you to use "Variable pitch" instead, or machine the horizontal
regions later in the subsequent process, using other cutting mode such as Horizontal
Area Cutting.
If you use it nevertheless, be sure to check if the shape is not cut by Z approach path,
using optimization.
Fixed Bugs (Bugs fixed since cam-tool V4.0.2.6)
* The following list does not include the bugs that were fixed with the patches
provided at our support site (GP Customer Direct).
● In the coordinates input field, the behavior performed when "/" was entered was different
from that of the older versions.
● Pre-picking a 3D compcurve did not highlight all the elements of the 3D compcurve.
● In [2.5D Structure (Create (Pick Surface)] command, a 2.5D structure was not created
because the side surface was not recognized correctly.
● Meshes of trimmed surfaces were not created correctly.
● F12 key (which specifies the origin of a work coordinate system) did not function when
the toolbar "View -min." was not displayed.
● Shortcut keys did not function when the [Mask] dialog box was displayed.
● In [Select] command, the surfaces that were not specified were selected.
● In [Mirror/Copy] command, the corner-R position of a moved/copied 2.5D structure was
different from that of the original entity.
Modeler (option)
● In [Create Electrode (OPT)] command, an error occurred or an incorrect shape was
created when "Specify extraction contour" check box was selected.
● In the [Calculation Condition] sheet, an input error occurred when "-0" was entered.
(Now, "-0" is converted to "0" automatically.)
● In the [Calculation Condition] sheet, the four arithmetic operations were not performed
● In [Show Selected CL] command, the CL tracing did not function correctly when it was
resumed after being paused.
● When "Specify layer" check box was selected during the shape setting in the [Control
Window], the [Exec] command did not appear in the pop-up menu of the right mouse
● In the cutting modes where polygon surfaces were specified for calculation, shapes were
not recognized correctly.
● In [Show All Selected NC] and [Show Selected NC Trace], the display of a comment did
not interlock with the selection of a file. (Now, selecting a file automatically shows its
● When pages were switched in the [Control Window], the current active command was
canceled, but the prompt message in the message area was not cleared.
● In the [Control Window], when plural entities were specified by the fence command or
other commands during the shape setting, it took much time to complete the shape
CAM (Edit Profile)
● CAM-TOOL shut down occurred when a calculation process list was removed.
● A changed profile name was not applied to Machining Process.
● When you switched to another calculation process list name in "Filter" in the middle of
the operation of changing a profile name, the name of an unintended profile was
● When you changed the order of processes while a calculation process list name was
selected in "Filter" in the [Edit Profile] dialog box, the order of processes remained
unchanged in the re-opened [Edit Profile] dialog box.
CAM (Calculation Process List)
● In Z-level Finishing, the calculation finished without warning even in the following case:
Height of a shape > Clearance Z > Cutting start position Z. (Now, when clearance Z is
lower than the height of a shape, the calculation finishes with "Warning".)
● In the case when you changed "Tool name" or "Material symbol" of Control Item after a
calculation finished, the changed data was not applied to NC comment in spite that you
executed re-calculation of the "Changed-V" process.
● In [Show Optimization Error], the bottom line, which contains the most important
information in the error message, was not displayed first.
● When a parameter was changed during calculation/optimization (just after the
calculation start button was clicked), the calculation/optimization finished with "Normal"
in spite that the change was not applied to CL.
Now, the calculation/optimization finishes with "Normal [Changed]" in such a case.
CAM (Optimization)
● In [Show Solid Work], a solid work was displayed as if it had an over-cut portion in spite
that no over-cut was found in the cutter paths. (This phenomenon occurred only when a
radius tool was used.)
● An optimization calculation finished with "Normal" although G00 interference occurred.
● In Contour Cutting, an optimization calculation finished with "Error" when "Machine
compensation code" was set to "Mark (original contour)". (error message: Tool diameter
compensation Offset process error)
● In Canned Cycle Drilling, Optimization Condition "Auto clearance" was selectable even
when Calculation Condition "Return movement" was set to "Return to initial point".
Machining Process
● When you opened a machining process file (.clm), no process was displayed in the list.
(This error occurred when a model file name or a calculation process list name
contained ", (comma)".)
● Machining Process shut down occurred while plural PCs were using the same working
● In Z-level Scan Finishing, when "Z step down" was set to "Cusp height", only "value" was
output for "Pitch1(Z)" in a machining data file. (Now, "value " is output.)
CAM Calculation(Z-level Rough cutting)
● When a value smaller than "0.01" was entered for "Last step over", the "Last step over"
did not function.
CAM Calculation(Z-level High Efficiency Rough cutting)
● The "fillet arc" shaped cutter paths (Load reduced path) interfered with a shape.
● Cutter paths of plane direction connecting move interfered with a shape. (This
interference occurred when "Last step over" was specified for a cavity shape.)
CAM Calculation(Z-level Finishing)
● The lower cutter paths were output first. (This phenomenon occurred when either
"Concave-convex area fixed" or "Bidirectional" was selected and a tool path boundary
was offset.)
CAM Calculation(Re-machining)
● Calculation finished with "Error". (error message: Terminated because problem
CAM Calculation(Pencil Cutting)
● When a flat-nose end mill was specified, the output cutter paths that should have been
"climbing cut" were "conventional cut".
CAM Calculation(Horizontal Area Cutting)
● The cutter path closest to a shape was not output.
CAM Calculation(Z-level Scanning-line Rough cutting)
● Cutter paths interfering with a shape were output.
● Turning back cutter path were not output in the pitch direction.
CAM Calculation(Curve Control Along Surface)
● Calculation finished with "Error".
CAM Calculation(Z-level Rough cutting with Multiple Tools)
● Cutter paths interfering with a shape were output.
● Some XY step over cutter paths were not output.
CAM Calculation(Z-level Re-machining with Multiple Tools)
● Due to the cutting range setting, cutter paths interfering with a shape were output.
● Some cutter paths were not output.
CAM Calculation(Z-level re-machining cutting)
● Because polygon conversion of a shape partially failed, some cutter paths were not
CAM Calculation(Contour Cutting)
● Even when "Contour clearance Z" was lower than "Cutting Z range – Start", the
calculation finished with "Normal". (Now, the calculation finishes with "Error" in such a
● When a compcurve with the value of 5 digits after the decimal point was specified, the
calculation finished with "Warning". (error message: A part of cutting Z range is not
included in the valid range.)
Now, a calculation finishes with "Normal" in such a case.
CAM Calculation(Round of Cavity)
● When the original entity of the 2D compcurve specified as a shape contour was an
ellipse, the calculation finished with "Error". (error message: )
● When "XY step over" was larger than "tool diameter", cutter paths interfering with an
island shape were output.
CAM Calculation(2.5D Rough Cutting)
● Plane direction approach or escape was not output.
● Cutter paths were not output correctly at the arc portion of a 2.5D structure.
CAM Calculation(2.5D Side Cutting)
● Due to the "Stock" value, calculation finished with "Error".
● When the original entity of the specified 2.5D structure was a circle, the calculation
finished with "Error". (error message: Calculation program error (88))
● Cutter paths that did not keep the cutting start/end position of the specified 2.5D
structure were output.
CAM Calculation(2.5D Plane Cutting)
● Calculation finished with "Error".
CL Editor
● In [Change Approach Position] command, the specified area line was not selected in 3D
● In [Merge] command, when you merged two CL files whose tool initial positions were
changed with [Change Tool Initial Position] command, their tool initial positions returned
to the previous values.
Tool DB
● The [Load Holder Database] dialog box was slow to start up, compared to older
● Deletion of tools could not be executed in succession.
● MX Optimization consumed large amount of memory.
● The message displayed when the amount of memory was insufficient was inappropriate.
● In MX Optimization, the shape of a solid work after simulation was incorrect.
Import IGES
● An arc was not converted properly when the following two distances were different: "the
distance between Start and Center" and "the distance between End and Center".
● Conversion of a minute arc failed.
Import STEP
● A trimmed surface returned to the original surface after conversion.
Import C3
● "Runtime Error" occurred when a C3 file containing 3D compcurves were converted.
● A created cutting portion was not highlighted on the screen in spite that its icon was
selected in tree view.

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